The chassis is tubular steel, both square and round, depending on functionality. The chassis is an engineered unit that favors rigidity and lightness through cleaver triangulation. A number of safety features are an integral part of the chassis: double roll bars in the cowling, double roll bars over the 25-gallon fuel tank located behind the passenger seats, impact bars in the doors and two seamless dome-35 steel (FIA-approved) roll bars that are gusseted into the chassis. This provides a full perimeter of protection for the occupants. Steel floor, steel sleeve over the drive shaft and heavy metal yokes over the drive shaft universal joints provide additional protection. The fuel tank is stainless steel with a submersed fuel pump to ensure reliability even when the J2X® MkIII is taken out of long-term storage. Baffles are integrated inside the tank to eliminate fuel displacement when high g-forces are at play.

The Allard J2X® MkIII’s front aluminum grill is protected by a tubular steel bumper that, like the rear ‘nerf bars’, has a 5-mph impact resistance.

  • Designed and validated before the integration of all components and options
  • high level of strength on all axis
  • Laser cuts specified to a high degree of accuracy and fit
  • Formed to ensure consistency, repeatability and adherence to specs
  • designed to handle extreme torque loads
  • ensures good body fit
  • larger and longer cockpit
  • adjustable seats
  • wider footbox
  • line of vision is the same for short or tall
  • large trunk to accommodate two golf bags or 3 ‘carry-on’ travel bags
  • light chassis
  • able to take abnormally high torque loads
  • able to take up to 11” rear tires
  • good turning radius
  • easy accommodation of various drivetrain options
  • low center of gravity
  • two roll bars integrated into the body
  • lateral crash protection
  • drive shaft failure protection
  • integrated crumple zones
  • fuel tank protection
  • strong base for external roll bars
  • reenforced door structure & lateral impact bars create a perimeter of protection
  • low centre of gravity