What a body

Car bodies have an aesthetic, a functional, a practical and a sensorial role to play in any vehicle.

In the case of the Allard J2X® MkIII, the body is an amalgam of all of these, but with a particular emphasis on the senses. We care about the comfort of the car, the sound of the body and the quality of the finish. We like that ‘tight’ feeling, no rattles. We like a door that closes with the sound of a heavy door, not a locker door. We like a cockpit that is cool and snug, not a sauna.

That is why we have made judicious choices of materials to achieve these ends. We use metal alloy for the hood. This allows us to have 52 perfectly formed louvers. The gap size is constant because we have bonded a composite yoke to the inside that maintains the shape of the hood irrespective of the heat generated by the engine or the vibration of the road surface. The body and firewall are made of an aircraft-quality composite that reduces the transfer of heat into the cockpit and eliminates body rattles. The cockpit floor is steel, bolted to the chassis on rubber insulators to keep things snug.

The main body sections are a high quality hand-layered composite, or carbon fibre, of varying thickness to meet structural and functional requirements, as well as to reduce weight. Our J2X® MkIII bodies never see mechanical sanders, as each panel is hand-sanded to optimize the show-quality finish.  The final coat of paint (non-metallic) is protected with two coats of clear.