Allard Motor Works (AMW) is pleased to announce that right-hand-drive (RHD) is now available on its new Allard J2X Mk III. Following numerous requests from potential J2X MkIII owners from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, as well as a number of other countries, AMW has reconfigured its J2X MkIII cockpit to provide a RHD option.

“Given the width of the cockpit and the fact that our doors are reinforced with side impact bars, the task was not as easy as imagined,” commented AMW President, Roger Allard. “You are not only dealing with the steering wheel, but there are also foot pedals to reposition, instruments to move around, a spare tire to flip to the opposite side and accessories to reposition.” This said, AMW is now ready to take orders for overseas shipment.

AMW is often asked why the steering on the J2X is generally on the left, given that it is a British vehicle. The answer is that the J2X was primarily an export vehicle and most often shipped to N. America and Europe (without engine and paint!). Of the 83 originally built, only 7 had a RHD. These were also exports, but they found homes in a number of the former British colonies.

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